TÜBİTAK 1005-İvmeRad

TÜBİTAK 1005 - National New Ideas and Products Research Support Program

Smart Active Meter and Online Radiation Monitoring System (İvmeRad) Development Project

This project, it is aimed to obtain a smart radiation measurement system named "IvmeRad" as a result of applying scopes provided by today's technology such as remote access and the internet of things to radiation measurement devices.

As a result of the instantaneous detection, evaluation, and monitoring of the amount of ionizing radiation in the environment, various outcomes will be achieved in terms of radiation safety. The system to be developed will enable the counters located in different locations in Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Particle Accelerators, Nuclear Facilities, and Military applications to instantly measure the radiation dose rate, transfer the measurement results to special software and mobile applications via wired or wireless connection, and thus monitor the radiation level online. By connecting to active meters remotely, it will be possible to take measurements without being exposed to radiation. The proposed project is not developed to replace passive dosimeters. The project involves making smart systems currently used as active meters and diversifying data transfer systems. It is foreseen that the developed system will be used together with passive dosimeters. In addition, the active meter can be used effectively in dose tracking of personnel without a passive dosimeter, but who need to be temporarily or permanently in the radiation environment.

A cooperation protocol has been made for the pilot application of İvmeRad with Hacettepe University Nuclear Medicine Department, and with the successful finalization of the radiation counter, İvmeRad will apply for a patent/utility model.