Radiation Meter Development Project


The said project for the development of radiation monitors is the "Particle Radiation Tests Creation Laboratory" project funded by the Strategy and Budget Directorate of which the Defense Industry Presidency is the client institution and carried out under the umbrella of İVME-R, in line with the space road map and strategic plans of Turkey. It shows an exceptional feature, which is defined as product-oriented under the IMECE Satellite Development Program, which is budgeted approximately 533 Million TL through the METU Technology Transfer Office and is the Customer Institution SSB. Also, in accordance with METU’s knowledge transfer agreement with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), this project is the first and only project in Turkey to be verified and supported in internal studies of design, production, and integration by CERN.

Considering the understanding of the discipline and the results obtained; In accordance and in line with the approval of SSB, the existing work package has been expanded in the project for the development of the "National Radiation Monitor" to be used in the "Low Earth Orbit", the budget and the time are added to the development of an experimental Radiation Meter to be used as a scientific workload and the product of a launch system to demonstrate its functionality, it is intended to deliver a product ready to launch, following ground tests, to be sent above the Determined Later (DSB) altitude. Thus, it will be possible to determine the level of radiation and the number of particles at this altitude.

Thanks to the infrastructure gained with the "Particle Radiation Tests Creation Laboratory" project funded by the Strategy and Budget Directorate, of which the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) is the client institution, and carried out under the umbrella of İVME-R, the Radiation Meter development project can be carried out cost-effectively. In addition, in accordance with the cooperation protocol signed between METU and the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN) for information transfer in the verification of design, production, and integration within the scope of the project CERN support and training in Turkey is the first of its own field of research.

With the project, the national design, analysis, production, and integration of the Radiation Meter, which is expected to be a scientific burden, has been realized. Following the environmental and functional test of the Radiation Meter, it is envisaged that the product will be subjected to a dynamic firing test. In this context, physics simulations, mechanical and electronic design activities were carried out.

Within the scope of designing suitable for the altitude where the Radiation Meter will be used, analysis and simulations of the physical environment will be made and the requirements will be put to approval in order for the electronic and mechanical design to be robust. Functionality and environmental tests of the product have been completed.

In scientific research, the simulation studies conducted to determine the level of ionizing radiation belonging to high altitude were correlated with the real data, and the radiation effect on the altitude made by ROKETSAN was examined with academic studies, and it was made possible that the data was collected with the nationally developed Radiation Meter. Within the scope of this project, innovative approaches were developed in cooperation with the university and industry in the field of accelerator technologies, and skills were gained in new space-qualified material technologies. The requirements analysis of the Radiation Meter was made and ROKETSAN's needs were detailed so that they could be integrated into the design, and the coating and environmental tests required for the radiation meter were carried out by ROKETSAN.