Parçacık Radyasyonu Testleri Oluşturma Laboratuvarı

Particle Radiation Tests Creation Laboratory

İVME-R has a 60m2 laboratory within the Physics Department of METU.

In this laboratory, there are measurement instruments and experiment setups for the measurements of different sizes. It is equipped with the most modern instruments for size, temperature and electrical measurements, and there is also a section in our laboratory where various mechanical processes are performed. Measuring instruments in the laboratory are:

Electronic Instrumentation Equipment

Atomic Force Microscope

Digital Microscope

Random Number Generator

LPKF PCB Production Equipment

Active Voltage Probe

Network Analyzer


Multimeters (Handheld and Desktop Type)

Signal Generator

Thermal camera

Radiation Dosimeters

Humidity and Temperature Measurement Devices

Laser Alignment Equipment

High Resolution CCD Camera

LPKF PCB Production Equipment

Mechanical Workshop Equipment

CNC Router

3D Printer

Drills (Column and Hand Tool Type)

Saw: Tabletop and Jigsaws

Grinding Tools

CNC Router

Our Products Developed by Our Laboratory Team
İVME-R Radiation Meter İVME-R Four-Propeller Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
The Radiation Meter product is a particle counter consisting of a Geiger-Müller counter on the outside and a total of 3 radiation counters, two aligned silicon detectors inside. It successfully fulfilled its task as a scientific payload on the probe rocket (SR 0.1) that Roketsan sent to space on 26.10.2020 and 29.10.2020. The purpose of the four-propeller unmanned aerial vehicle studies is to transport scientific loads by unmanned aerial vehicles to reach difficult or distant points and obtain data.