Improvement Project of X-RAY Scaning System


Havelsan Technology Radar Inc. with the cooperation agreement signed with HTR on November 20, 2020, upon the improvement request of HTR's existing X-Ray Baggage Scanning System (RAIN) with 60x40 cm entrance opening, the radiation simulations needed for the system were carried out; In order to conduct material analysis, improve collimator, determine materials and provide cost-reducing suggestions, the project work on the project contract titled "Improvement of X-Ray Baggage Scanning System" was started on February 15, 2021 via HTR and METU TTO. The project was completed successfully and the project ended with the delivery of the final report on December 10, 2021). Selman Çakmakoğlu, who worked as a researcher within the scope of the project, was transferred to the İVME-R.