Quality Policy


METU IVMER aims to be a center of expertise that will support national, scientific, and technological development so that Turkey can achieve its national goals in space and accelerator by minimizing scientific, technological and economic foreign dependency, and have a share and a say in the world market for the original technologies to be developed. Our Quality Policy, which we have created in order to achieve this goal, is given below:

  • Documenting, certifying, and continuously improving our Quality Management System to meet all the requirements of the AS 9100 Rev D standard,
  • To continuously increase the quality level by giving importance to teamwork within the framework of quality systems so that all employees become more competent and able to use their talents at the highest level,
  • To train all employees with quality awareness at a level that will enable them to participate in the improvement works related to their processes and to develop their professional competencies by considering their satisfaction,
  • To be an exemplary center that is sensitive to the expectations of our partners, employees, suppliers, and the society we live in, by working with a customer-oriented approach,
  • To serve the purpose of making our center and Turkey's name known more to the world,
  • To follow and apply technological developments closely,
  • Producing the most appropriate, most accurate, and most economical solutions in the fastest way, to prevent future non-compliance,
  • To complete every project started, on time, in full compliance with the project with the highest level of techniques, in the desired quality, and within the budget limits,
  • To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment we live in and to contribute to the country's economy by constantly improving its business volume,
  • Achieving the highest customer satisfaction by targeting the lowest probability of errors that may occur later, thanks to the increasing quality and efficiency with continuous improvement,
  • To meet the needs and expectations of all relevant parties such as legal authorities, members, employees at the highest level,
  • Achieving the highest performance in our processes by considering risks and opportunities with a management approach based on risk-based thinking,
  • To keep the information security awareness of our employees high,
  • Protecting the information of our employees, our team, and all our shareholders,
  • To comply with all legal regulations regarding information security,
  • To provide a working environment where each employee can reach professional and personal satisfaction and develop himself/herself continuously,
  • To ensure the formation of "Corporate Culture and Awareness" by meeting the social and cultural needs of the personnel,
  • Resolving complaints in a transparent, fast, clear, and member-oriented manner,
  • To comply with the conditions and expectations based on legal regulations in all our activities and in the evaluation of complaints,
  • To continuously increase the effectiveness of our management systems and activities in the face of changing conditions in order to manage change,
  • To reduce the impact of information security threats on business continuity and to contribute to continuity,
  • To have the competence to quickly respond to information security breach incidents and to minimize the impact of the incident,
  • To raise awareness by giving quality and information security management training to all personnel, to increase customer satisfaction.