Radiation Meter


As a result of the successful university-industry cooperation established by İVMER with ROKETSAN for the first time an entirely national detector was developed in Turkey by Turkish researchers that count different subatomic particles in the space environment, the Radiation Meter. Thus, one of Turkey's major critical equipment in space travel has been more nationalized. In addition to the cooperation with CERN, the silicon-based sensor designed and produced by the UEKAE Semiconductor Technologies Research Laboratory (YITAL) at TÜBİTAK BİLGEM contributed greatly to the development of the Radiation Meter, which counts the subatomic particles passing through it one by one. The radiation meter was attached to the space probe rocket in the satellite launch tests conducted by ROKETSAN on October 26-29, 2020, and went into space twice and provided us with data about the space environment by measuring the instantaneous radiation dose rate and particle flow at the reached altitude.

Radiation Meter, with the probe rocket reaching up to 130 kilometers above sea level in Sinop, saw that the radiation dose increased gradually and successfully completed two space missions that the Probe Rocket ROKETSAN launched from Sinop. Thus, examination and reduction of radiation impact on Turkey's space mission will be possible by the product developed by our Center and is still being developed.